Steps for installing the Mawared2 APP on IOS Devices:

Please Follow the Instruction in sequence

Step 1


1) Click to download you App

Step 2

2) Click on the install as shown above.

Step 3

3) On the initial screen, you can see the App is in waiting status.

Step 4

4) Click to start downloading the app,it will take 2 to 3 min to download and install.

Step 5

5) Once the app is installed, you will see as above.

Step 6

6) Before you access the Mawared2 app, please trust the Mawared2 App following the next steps. Go to Settings -> General.

Step 7

7) Under General, access Device Management.

Step 8

8) Click on Trust “Ministry of administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs”.

Step 9

9) Click on Trust

Step 10

10) Now Back to the home screen and open the Mawared2 app and click on allow for sending notifications.

Step 11

11) On the Home screen of the Mawared2 App, click login.

Step 12

12) Enter your credentials to access Mawared2 Application.